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Welcome to the Family Resource Portal

Hello parents. If you have concerns for your child's speech or language development, FDLRS Springs offers free screenings that can be done at St. Paul's Preschool by the Child Find Specialist. If services are needed, they are provided for free by the Marion County School system.

You can also contact FDLRS and read more

on their website by clicking here.

2023-2024 Scope and Sequence

WITH Links to songs, story videos and scripture texts.

You can work with your children at home to reinforce their learning!

Struggling to find a balance for technology in your child's world? 

Click on the

Be Tech Wise With Toddler!

graphic to download this resource.

CDC’s Developmental Milestones

CDC’s milestones and parent tips have been updated and new checklist ages have been added (15 and 30 months). Due to COVID-19, updated photos and videos have been delayed but will be added back to this page in the future. For more information about the recent updates to CDC’s developmental milestones, please review the Pediatrics journal article and these important key points.

Guide for a Child's Speech Development

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