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If you have seen this van on the St. Paul's Christian School Campus lately... no worries!

LTC Technology Systems has been working closely with our tech support and administration for several months on SPCS Access, a project to design and install an internet connected network with future expansion capabilities throughout the SPCS campus. SPCS Access is on schedule to be completed prior to the start of school in August.

Not only did LTC Technology Systems design the system, they also donated thousands of dollars in installation labor and materials to make this feasbile for our school. 

Upon completion of SPCS Access, we will join with the church and bring in a fiber network to connect our classrooms to the internet. This opens many learning opportunities for your children including

  • in-classroom Chapel for Swing Classes

  • virtual field trips

  • live stream of special activities for families to enjoy

  • and more. 

We are grateful to LTC Technology Systems and other sponsors who made this project possible
with zero impact on the school operating budget.

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